Winthrop Wound Healing: Patient Stories

The following case histories illustrate the range and complexities of the wounds treated at our wound healing center. Each patient is also an example of how we use a multifaceted regenerative medicine approach to encourage every wound to heal.

A Young Athlete Returns to the Baseball Diamond

When MT, a 17-year-old high school student and star baseball player, was struck by a life-threatening auto-immune disorder that caused severe wounds to spread across his body, the Winthrop-University Hospital wound healing team joined forces with an array of other Winthrop specialists to heal his wounds and cure his underlying condition. Read this patient's full story.

A Radiation Wound Healed by Surgery, Growth Factors, Hyperbaric Oxygen and a Skin Graft

PN is a 64-year-old patient who had a badly infected radiation wound in his chest as well as multiple other medical problems. Through a multidisciplinary approach that included growth factor treatrments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and a skin graft, our team was able to heal this dangerous wound. Read this patient's full story.

A Ten-Year Wound is Healed by Winthrop's Multidisciplinary Wound Care Team

JD, a robust woman in her early 80s, came to the Winthrop Wound Healing Center with a wound that had persisted for a decade. Today, she is walking without pain for the first time in years. Read this patient's full story.

A Flesh-Eating Infection is Cured by Hyperbarics, Regenerative Medicine and Reconstruction

A wound infected with flesh-eating bacteria nearly caused MK, a man in his 50s, to lose his foot. Thanks to an emergency intervention by Winthrop's wound healing team, however, he is now healed and leading a normal life. Read this patient's full story.

Saving a Gangrenous Toe From Amputation

TS, a retired pilot, came to us with a toe ulcer that had been treated without success at another medical center, and was beginning to turn gangrenous. Through swift surgical debridement and application of regenerative medicine, followed later by a skin graft, we were able to avoid amputation and eventually heal his wound. Read this patient's full story.

An "Incurable" Diabetic Foot Ulcer is Healed Through Regenerative Medicine

RR, a patient in his 60s, was virtually bed-bound with a diabetic foot ulcer that covered most of his foot. Today, after receiving regenerative medicine therapy at Winthrop's Wound Healing Center, he is walking normally with a fully-healed wound. Read this patient's full story.

A Foot Wound Responds to Regenerative Therapy and a Skin Graft

RD, a male in his seventies with a foot drop (a condition in which a person has difficulty lifting their ankle and toes upward), failed to wear his foot brace as instructed, and developed a wound on the middle of the bottom of his foot. Read this patient's full story.

Other Stories

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